ISPM15 Heat-Treated Pallets For Sale, North West UK

ISPM15 Heat Treated Wood Pallets for Export.

We manufacture and sell ISPM15 Heat Treated Wood Pallets for exporting your goods worldwide.

Did you know, 90% of all packaging used in global transportation is made from timber?

Albion Pallets ISPM15 Heat Treated Wood Pallets manufacture and recycle timber pallets and packaging that have been subject to plant health controls when crossing international borders, often resulting in costly and frustrating delays. ISPM15 is now the internationally agreed standard for the treatment of all forms of packaging made from solid wood. It helps protect the world’s forests from disease and your trade for delays. ISPM15 is a passport for your packaging. All ready recognised in the UK, EU and North America, the ISPM15 scheme is now being implemented across the world with China having become a signatory in January 2006.

So what’s the threat?

There are hundreds of wood-borne pests, of particular concern are Pine Wood Nematode and the Asian Longhorn Beetle, native to China and now found in Canada, USA, Austria, France and Germany. Eradication is underway, however these pests represent a serious threat to forests and woodlands worldwide. Forest Health professionals across the globe are concerned about this non-native pest and over £100 million has already been spent combating the problem in the USA alone. ISPM15 provides a standard which, through heat treatment or fumigation, will minimise the risks of these pests that are carried unknowingly across borders by wood pallets and packaging.


Heat Treated Pallets for Export.

ISPM15 – plain sailing for your cargo

When exporting goods, it’s important to ensure your cargo conforms with ISPM15, as the freight forwarding industry regards good for export as the shippers responsibility. Conforming to ISPM15 avoids delays and additional expenses for everyone involved. ISPM15 gives you the full confidence that your goods comply with the country of destination’s import regulations. The ISPM15 standard achieves a smooth passage between you and your consignee and helps to maintain timber’s dominant position in worldwide transport and packaging.

Importing into the UK and EEC countries

It is in everyone’s interests that ISPM15 is communicated to, and understood by everyone in the trading chain. Adoption and an understanding of ISPM15 greatly reduces the chance of delays as Forestry Commission Plant Health Inspectors attempt to examine freight containers entering the country for compliant wood packaging. If everyone met this standard the wood packaging industry could meet all environmental regulations and continue to facilitate the movement of goods with ease worldwide.

UK Wood Packaging Material Marking Programme (UKWPMMP)

The wood marking programme ensures that ISPM15 wooden packaging is available to help the trouble-free movement of goods worldwide.

Eg. GB or NI plus a four digit producer code.

DB/HT (debarked and heat treatment) or DB/MB debarked and fumigated with Methyl Bromide)

For plant health purposes, heat treatment involves heating the timber to a minimum 56C degrees at the core of the wood for a minimum period of 30 minutes.

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