Pallets Wanted – We want to buy your used and Unwanted Wooden Pallets. We provide FREE North West UK collection.

Pallets Wanted – We want to buy your Used and Unwanted Wooden Pallets.

Pallets Wanted. Did you know that your used pallets are worth money? Albion Pallets want to buy your used and unwanted pallets from you – all quantities, types and sizes of pallets considered. We also offer BEST PRICE PAID.

Albion Pallets are passionate about recycling and the environment. By recycling your unwanted pallets we’re helping to reduce our carbon emmisions and the vast number of trees being cut down for the manufacturing of new pallets.

Albion Pallets will collect as many pallets as you need us to, one-off or regular basis. We can visit your site to clear large amounts of used or unwanted pallets, so get in touch to discuss the best day and time.

Any size considered, Best Prices Paid. Call 0151 486 2533, or complete the form below: